Friday, March 22, 2013

“Rape Season” in India – a comment

What has gone wrong with the Indians?

It seems they are in for a Rape Season or a “Rape Jug,” just like a “Kal Jug?”

As the outrage against the rape of an Indian girl-student, Jyoti Singh, who died later, got out of hands in India, a spate of news reports of more and more rapes and rape-attempts started pouring in; as if it’s a contagious crime!

No doubt, that’s symptomatic of an ingrained inhuman attitude towards womenfolk!

A few days earlier, we some friends were enjoying our talk about all the intellectual issues including a favorite of Pakistani Left, i.e. how Pakistan came in to being. A thought just occurred to me:

“Yeah, had there been no Pakistan, we would have been part of a procession against rape in India now!” 

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