Sunday, August 4, 2013

Riyasati Ashrafiya (State Aristocracy) and the monopolization of wealth and resources in Pakistan

In another article, Deadly debt trap, Huzaima Bukhari and Dr. Ikramul Haq talk of Riyasati Ashrafiya’s plundering and monopolization of wealth and resources of Pakistan.

They write:

“The way the government is moving our foreign debt would reach US$75 billion in 2015 and domestic debt would be Rs22 trillion. The policies of appeasement towards tax evaders, money-launderers and plunderers of national wealth and monopolisation of resources by Riasti Ashrafiya (state aristocracy) have pushed the country towards disaster.”


“The present crisis testifies to the failure of power-hungry, money-greedy politicians and incompetent, inefficient and corrupt bureaucrats. Even the so-called technocrats always take the first flight to Washington after creating mess — where are Shaukat Aziz and Abdul Hafeez now? In this bleak scenario, Riasti Ashrafiya is not ready to surrender extraordinary perks and privileges enjoyed by them at the cost of taxpayers’ money. How can rulers and bureaucrats living in fortified containments, completely oblivious of the ordinary people’s plight, feel the pinch of life’s hardships?”

See the full article (The News August 4, 2013): Deadly debt trap

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