Monday, September 30, 2013

My successes and my failures – a short note

Whatever I achieved is fruit of my own labor, hard work, sincerity and commitment!

I do acknowledge I learned a lot from two of my teachers: Lakht Pasha and Dr. Sajid Ali

But in another realm, where elitist roots, connections and PR (Public Relations) count, I am a total failure!

That is why all of my work which is focused on the fate of Pakistanis especially and human world in general remains unidentified and ignored and is nowhere part of the mainstream debate.

Sometimes my work was taken notice of; however, as I understand now, it may have been discarded since it was not supported by any elitist roots, connections and PR. I have a number of such stories to tell; and waiting for the moment when they ought to be told.

But: There's no regrets! 

Here is some of my work:


ـ پاکستانی کشاکش: تحلیل و تعدیل اور آگے بڑھنے کا راستہ (زیرِ اشاعت)


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