Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stray points - 1

* Governments, i.e. ruling elites kill their own citizens, sometimes by their unwise vested policies as in Pakistan, and sometimes using the same weapons they manufacture or purchase with their citizens' money as in Syria.

* Growing up beyond the boundaries of his own culture is the first precondition of a thinker.

* If your passion starts paying, it means it has the potential of becoming your profession.

* When fascism pervades the air, Philosophy is there to give solace.

* A government does eat our money; it eats our time also.

* When we read a book, and write about it, we try to recreate it, by negating it or by affirming it.

* A nation is known by the values which it not only espouses but follows both in letter and spirit.

* Presently a fierce fight is going on in the Human Mind - to broaden or not to broaden.

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  1. Evolution seems to have no purpose, yet it seems to have a direction (My stray point)