Monday, October 29, 2012

Qadren - Aur Jatt Da Vaer

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  1. Ref: Truth & Reconciliation Commission etc. Nelson Mendela, who in his famous public speech had asked his fellow comerade countrymen to "throw away their daggers, swords, and phangaas into the sea", was not the only initiator. It had the backing of the SA judiciary, and all other power brokers in SA. In contrast, the PPP NRO was not the leadership's thought. It was a political necessity for the survival of the Army Generals, who put these words in the mouths of the PPP leadership, threatened them to speak these words. And hence they played the pimp in uinforms, and it was they who midwived the mis-carriage of truth, this one being well advertised.

    It shall be appreciated if the blogger puts all other sacred cowheads under his sword alongwith the PPP.