Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taareekh Aur Nazriya-e-Saazish

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  1. This comment is not related to the books or authors mentioned by the blogger. This comment is only my personal view about "History as We live it" ,and "we" relates to all fellow human beings.

    Societies exist as societies as a result of some collective common thinking on most issues they face. History is related to this basic fact. Majority of the populace of any society is only a conductor of the circuitary of the prevalent collective common thinking. Leaders ? and events are only catalysts or neutralizers, depending on the situation. Hence there is no scope of conspiracy or conspirer in history.

    If the common collective thinking of any society is stagnant, and that society itself doesn't feel the un-ease, then it will remain stagnant, and would also ossify.

    In the scenario of our Pakistani society, perhaps we have very very scanty allowance of collectively thinking of any change. That is the reason perhaps, as to why no potent enough of a catalyst has ever arisen. And as in ossified societies where any change is feared, the intellectuals can label any dead ghost as a Conspiracy.

    I would request the blogger to keep this discussion active, and I would also request all other participants to come up with their views and comments.