Saturday, November 10, 2012

Qadeem Riyasat Aur Ayeen Ki Baladasti Ka Usool

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  1. Two important points have been omitted in this writing.One the the present Parliament and the president or the government are not kings of the old are.They are representatives of the people and come in power after taking mandate from the masses.The second is the right of Supreme court to interpret constitution and the laws and make amendments and distortions according to their will is totally against the the constitution and the democratic right of the parliament.Laws are sometime made in consideration of multidimensional life of the society whereas the judges of the court simply aware of the law read in the law books. The simple instance is the Baluchistan situation about which Supreme Court knows nothing how many foreign powers are involved and practically helping terrorists but it had insultingly given verdict against the government and the agencies.The doubt arises that,either The judges want to expose the governments defensive strategy or they do not want action against terrorists.So,Courts must refrain from interpreting the constitution and the law to enhance their power and distort it at their will.So please reconsider your conclusion of the subject and conclude in the favor of the rule of the masses and not rule of judiciary or the army.