Thursday, November 22, 2012

State Aristocracy's Pakistan – 3: Justice for Senator's son

How a police officer’s highhandedness in torturing someone special earns him the wrath of the State Aristocracy is evident from the following news:

Defence-A SHO found guilty of torturing senator’s son

LAHORE: Defence-A SHO Faisal Sharif has been proved guilty of torturing the son of Senator Abdul Ghani Bangash, a couple of weeks ago, in an inquiry conducted by SSP Discipline and Inquiry.

Lahore CCPO has ordered DIG Operations to suspend him from service immediately and initiate a departmental inquiry against him. The CCPO has also ordered not to give him field posting in future. The SHO had thrashed Irshad Bangash, the son of Senator Abdul Ghani Bangash, and his friend at an apartment in H-Block, Defence, in a search of his (SHO’s) ‘dancer girlfriend.’ The raiding police team headed by SHO Faisal Sharif had also damaged precious items and later got registered a fake case against them. SSP D&I Shariq Kamal had conducted inquiry into the incident in which SHO was found guilty. The inquiry office has also held Defence-B SHO Raza responsible for registering a fake case without verifying the facts and recommended action against him.

[The News International, Lahore Print Edition, November 20, 2012]

Why such justice is not available to the ordinary citizens of Pakistan who daily suffer worst form of humiliation and torture at the hands of Police? That’s what makes Pakistan a country only for the elite classes, or the State Aristocracy!

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