Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who are these “Men of Opinion” – promoting their opinion at the cost of taxpayers’ money! - 3

In Pakistan, political meanness has thousands of ways to maneuver the things!

Obviously, if one doesn't follow moral principles, no rules, no laws could restrain him from doing what he is intent upon doing!

In view of the forthcoming general elections in the country, "The ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan) has slapped a ban on ads carrying pictures of political leaders on TV channels and newspapers. It also warned of action over violation of its directives." (The News, January 4, 2013) 
However, among other things, for the last few days, newspapers are publishing the following ads with pictures of "men of opinion" commending the "Services of the Government of Sindh."

See some more instances:

[The Express Tribune, The News, February 19, 2013]

[The Express Tribune, The News, February 20, 2013]

See the previously posted instances!

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