Thursday, February 21, 2013

Whose Pistol is it anyway?

Today’s The Express Tribune carried the following news:

Forensics Investigation
Same pistols used to kill 90 in Karachi

Newsdesk: The investigators in the modern forensics department in Karachi have concluded that 90 persons were killed using the same three pistols in the provincial capital. The victims include Shia, Sunni and members of political parties, Special Assistant of the Sindh Home Ministry, Sharfudding Memon told BBC that in some of the cases not only weapons used were common but also the strategy used for the same. According to police statistics, last year 2,300 persons were killed in Karachi whereas in 2011 the number was 1,800. Memon said that the forensic department in Karachi is established on modern lines and using its state-of-the-art technology it has investigated about 1,100 cases of murder in the city.

See the picture of the news item:

[The Express Tribune, February 21, 2013]

Yesterday, an Urdu daily, Express, carried the same news:

See the picture of the news item:

I tried to find the source of the news; here is the link to the BBC Urdu website:

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