Sunday, January 6, 2013

Exordium to "Pakistan’s Democratic Impasse – Analysis and the Way Forward"

Copied below is the Exordium from my latest paper, Pakistan’s Democratic Impasse – Analysis and the Way Forward, released by the Alternate SolutionsInstitute on December 29, 2012.

After so many stumbles through the 65 years of its existence, Pakistan has finally come to be: a government of the criminals, by the criminals, for the criminals.


First, this treatise derives its rationale and insight from a reading of the constitution of Pakistan which considers the fundamental rights and the articles protecting these rights and freedoms as the core value of the constitution, as the same has time and time again been vindicated by the various judgments of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Second, this treatise looks beyond those articles and books, or that specific approach, which analyze the democratic failure of Pakistan in a historical, sociological, economic, or political perspective only or in a way combining them all, and tries to see the history, sociology, economics and politics of Pakistan with an eye focused on the scheme of things the constitution of the country put in place to run the state of Pakistan.

Third, this treatise tries to see the past, present and future role of politicians or political parties and Pakistan Army through the lens of the constitution, and thus its standpoint which is unprecedented and goes against the prevailing wisdom of putting the responsibility for the failure of democratizing the society of Pakistan wholly and solely on the shoulders of Pakistan Army, may seem pleading the innocence of those Generals who imposed Martial Laws and disfigured the constitution; however, this treatise in addition to castigating the anti-constitutional acts of the Generals of the Pakistan Army holds that it is the inherent inability of the political civilian governments which did not prosecute and punish them, and in that sense vehemently censures that approach of absolving the politicians totally as unconstitutional and derisive to the constitutional manner of bringing order in a society.

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