Friday, January 11, 2013

Manifestations of ideological robotics

Here is the latest manifestation of ideological robotics:

Maoists plant bomb in dead Indian cop

Patna: Maoist rebels planted a bomb inside the stomach of an Indian policeman killed during clashes in the eastern state of Jharkhand, hotbed of Left-wing extremism, police said on Thursday (January 10).
The bomb was found by a team of doctors conducting post-mortems following the death of 10 policemen in Latehar district, 108 kilometres (67 miles) from the state capital Ranchi, after a clash with the insurgents on Monday. – AFP

[The News, January 11, 2013]

Does any mission justify trampling of humans and human values?  

Yes, in fact, when violence is resorted to and rules are not followed, and this or that ideology or system of thought vies for “supremacy / hegemony” (“acceptance”) not through debate and discussion, and when any mission (Ends) puts the Means on the back burner; in short, when peaceful means are abandoned on any pretext, it’s not a war against a specific enemy or specific system of thought, but a war against all and everything! It’s a war against the human society and human planet!

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