Thursday, January 10, 2013

Taliban and Hamas – the same ilk?

In the following they seem to be of the same ilk:

Both believe in violence as the most effective instrument of their policy!

Both believe in killing innocent citizens in lieu of their human and institutional targets!

Both are ruthless!

Both are ideologically robotic!

Compare the following as the latest soulless doings of theirs:

As for Taliban’s ruthlessness, it is well-established and well-known. See this piece and watch the video the link to which is given in the report:

“They are dead men talking, and they know it. Gulping nervously, the prisoners stare into the video camera, spilling tales of intrigue, betrayal and paid espionage on behalf of the United States. Some speak in trembling voices, a glint of fear in their eyes. Others look resigned. All plead for their lives.”

[New York Times, Decembr 29, 2012]

Regarding Hamas, read the latest story and see a picture from the report:

“During last month’s intense eight-day battle with Israel, the military wing of the Hamas government brutally and publicly put an end to Mr. Shalouf, 24, and six other suspected collaborators. The vigilante-style killings by masked gunmen — with one body dragged through a Gaza City neighborhood by motorcycle and another left for crowds to gawk over in a traffic circle — highlighted the pathetic plight of collaborators, pawns preyed on by both sides in the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

[New York Times, December 2, 2012]

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